Strategic Planning

Meeting Your Challenges…

Strategic Planning. The purpose of planning is to produce a stream of wise decisions.  Yet, the purpose of the plan is not to defend a rigid set of actions against today’s reality.  DeFrancesco Consulting designs and facilitates a strategic planning process that resonates with an organization’s leaders. 

Leaders tell us that they want to own the process and the results.  They tell us that they do not benefit from a "fill in this template and you too can have a strategic plan" type of exercise.  Most important to them is to reach resolution on important issues. 

It is clear that the desire of successful leaders is not to short-circuit the planning process.  The desire is to expedite the process and improve upon the “typical” outcomes of strategic planning.   And one of the most meaningful outcomes for any team is agreement on the leadership practices that are uniquely critical to the success of the organization’s strategic direction.